Starboard Lantern

Item  #  Co15281
Antique vintage replica Copper Starboard Ship Lamp.
Green glass lens is rich and clear and will give an authentic nautical flare to any room. The Copper Starboard Ship Lamp stands 15" tall with the handle. Can be used with any oil lantern or tea candle or easily converted into an electric fixture. Solid Copper may have some tarnish inside, which adds vintage flare and authenticity.
15" Lantern $$64.95
Port and Starboard are shipboard terms for left and right, respectively. Confusing those two could cause a ship wreck.
In Old England, the Starboard was the steering paddle or rudder, and ships were always steered from the right side on the back of the vessel. Larboard referred to the left side, the side on which the ship was loaded.
So how did Larboard become Port? Shouted over the noise of the wind and the waves, Larboard and Starboard sounded too much alike. The word Port means the opening in the "left" side of the ship from which cargo was unloaded. Sailors eventually started using the term Port to refer to that side of the ship.