38" Piling

Item  #  38-525

38" Triple Tier Roped Piling.


This is a beautiful hand crafted natural decorative triple tier piling that is made from solid Cedar wood that the picture does not do justice to.

It consists of three pilings, each varying in size from 4½"  to 6" in diameter.
Each piling is securely attached to the next and lashed  with ¾" twisted manila rope and comes with a piece of netting to add that extra rustic nautical touch.

This piling comes in a natural finish and will age naturally outside with the elements or can be easily treated with an acrylic spray or polyurethane.

The overall height is approximately 38", the circumference is approximately 35" and weighs approximately 35Lbs.

Use this piling anywhere around your home, patio, dock, driveway, landscaping,
the list goes on & on.

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Cedar Piling 38"